Thanks for stopping by, San Diego!

So, uh…I guess here’s my blog about gender and stuff.

Unfortunately there’s no interesting back-story behind all this, it’s all very dull and first-world. I just thought it’d be cool to give it a go. Y’know, just in case there’s not quite enough under-qualified and over-opinionated uni students with blogs in the world.

Hopefully the saving grace will be that the subject itself is interesting. Cause I really, really do give a shit about gender equality and the struggle to achieve it, and hopefully if you’re reading this you do as well. Or you’re one of my middle-aged relatives just trying to be supportive. Anyway! If you’re not my Mum, it’d be really cool if you could comment and discuss and argue (in a non-dickbaggy way) about anything I write that interests you. No pressure or anything, it’s just talking with people is way more interesting than talking at people, and I really would like to know what you guys think. Fingers crossed I can be coherent enough to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for casting your precious eyes upon my paltry thoughts, and happy reading!


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